2017 Chautauqua Rossford

Wednesday-Sunday, July 19-23

Seeds of Change -America at the Turn of the 20th Century


Chautauqua Rossford is a five-day community event that combines living history performances, music, education and audience participation into a one-of-a-kind cultural event the entire family will enjoy.


Gather with us each evening along the banks of the Maumee River as live music fills the air. Then step back in time, as a talented performer brings to life a historic figure of the early 20th Century through personal stories and historic detail. 


US President Theodore Roosevelt was quoted as saying that Chautauqua is “the most American thing in America.”  The turn of the century was not only the height of the Chautauqua movement, but also a time of enormous change in America.  From the industrial revolution to social reform, it was a period of crisis as well as opportunity.


This special Chautauqua performance will feature seasoned veterans of the trade and new talent fresh from a pilot program in collaboration with Ohio Humanities and Owens Community College.  Characters include Henry Ford, Amelia Earhart, John Barrymore, Nikola Tesla and Margaret Mitchell along with several well-known local figures portrayed by high school scholars.


In addition to evening music and the Chautauqua performance, you can participate in side trips, hands-on family activities, food and fun! 


Watch the program as it develops here: www.RossfordOhioEvents.com

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