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In response to the advisement of social distancing and the closing of many venues, we'll keep you updated on food delivery and carryout options in Rossford, Ohio.  Check our website, like our Facebook page  and follow our Instagram feed, rossfordohiocvb, to get daily updates on #RossfordDelivers

PLEASE support our local restaurants and businesses!  Make your buying decisions wisely with safety and community in mind.

The following Rossford bars and restaurants have carryout/delivery:

  Billy V’s   419-720-2244  https://www.facebook.com/billyvsbar

    Bulldog Nutrition  734-475-7522 https://www.facebook.com/bulldognutrition/    

   Cinco de Mayo Mexican Bar & Grill   419-666-3288  http://www.5demayotoledo.com

   Crowned Cakes by Jess  907-947-7984  https://www.crownedcakesbyjess.com

    Deets BBQ  419-893-2335  http://deetsbbq.comdo

   Doggs Ice Cream & Bites  419-214-1123 www.facebook Dogg's Ice-Cream-Shop

   Interstate Lanes/Johnny P's Pizza 419-666-2965  Johnny P's Pizza  

  los Toros Catering   419-913-9981 https://www.facebook.com/LosTorosCatering/

  Marco’s Pizza   419-666-0773  https://www.marcos.com/menu/

  Neuroflex Juice  786-606-0926     https://neuroflexjuice.com/


   Moe’s  419-666-9314  https://www.moesplacerossford.com/

 Papa Moose’s Donuts   419-725-4433  https://www.papamoosesdonuts.com


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