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HI!!! Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Bentley! I'm a good boy.

I've been checking out all the cool places in Rossford and sharing my videos.

Keep watching - A new video drops every few weeks! See all videos so far here!

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Hey! It’s me. Bentley! Check out my latest video to Rossford’s Camping World in Crossroads! Such a cool place!

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A few things about me:
I'm 3 years old (that's 28 in dog years)
I'm a Gemini. My birthday is June 9 (remember that!!)
My favorite hobby is sleeping.
My favorite food is whipped cream--right from the can, of course!

Help!! It's me Bentley! How do you wear these eclipse glasses anyways??!!


Bentley had a great time at the Toy Show! Thousands of collectible toys!

 TOCA (formerly Total Sports) 10020 S Compass Drive Rossford.


Here's a pic of me and my mom!
Couple more things about me. I have a doggy brother, Maverick.
My favorite place in the whole wide world is the Couch!
My favorite TV show is Secrets of the Zoo.

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