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125th Anniversary Sponsors

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Genoa Bank


Fun Facts About Rossford

In 1963, some boys digging in Cranes Woods came upon an ossuary (a chamber containing ancient bones) which led to a professional archeological excavation, the first of its kind in Northwestern Ohio. The archaeological discovery of the c. 1610 “protohistoric” village in Rossford rewrote Native American and European-American history. University of Toledo archeologists determined this was one of the largest and perhaps the last village to be inhabited by regional Native Americans before European contact in the early 1600s. The dig unearthed scores of artifacts, including shell-tempered pottery shards, brass decorative objects, and glass beads. Burials of over 100 individuals were found in four burial pits. The site of the village was referenced on Samuel de Champlain’s earliest maps from 1616 and 1632.

Thank you to these generous sponsors of Rossford's 125th Anniversary celebration. We appreciate your support!

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